The disease is caused by taura syndrome virus (TSV).


Infected white leg shrimp have a light red color, especially the tail. In addition, shrimp also show other signs such as soft shell and empty intestines. Taura syndrome causes high mortality (usually 40% to 90% mortality) and spreads rapidly. Taura virus can infect black tiger shrimp causing red tail disease: red color in the entire fan tail area and successive body segments up to the head; Cow feet, swimming feet are also red.

Figure 18: White leg shrimp with Taura disease.


Figure 19: Taura diseased vannamei (below) versus healthy shrimp (above)


Figure 20: White leg shrimp with Taura disease, accompanied by symptoms of bacterial infection.


Figure 21: Taura diseased black tiger shrimp.



Disease prevention and treatment:

Apply integrated disease prevention methods. Similar to the prevention of white spot disease (WSSV) and yellow head disease, select seed free of pathogens after PCR testing or select seed that is not infected with SPF (specific Pathogen Free) .