About rexil asia

Rexil Asia is a distributor of bio stimulants and food supplements for aquaculture, agriculture  and for human use covering South East Asia. It is based in Vinh city, Nghe An, Vietnam.

The products distributed by Rexil Asia are worldwide patent protected, and produced in facilities meeting GMP+ standards.

We have developed various product lines with specific formulas to achieve maximum results for not only agriculture but also aquaculture and human health.


Due to improvements of agricultural technologies, increased usage of mechanization, chemical-based fertilizers and agro-chemicals were getting favored.

These practices did produce higher yields however the mineral content was decreased which has made the weaker plants more susceptible to biotic stress facets like diseases and pests.

To overcome these problems, more agro-chemicals (like pesticides) are used resulting in side-effects such as soil degradation, disturbing the microbial equilibrium, groundwater contamination, negative impact on the living and working conditions of farm laborers and their neighbors and effects on the food-chain such as the contamination of fruits with chemical residues and pesticides.

For long-term developments, Rexil Asia technology provides several innovative options to improve and overcome these challenges. ReXil Asia products create optimal conditions for plant growth & health. Plants are able to cope with biotic stress factors (diseases, pests) and abiotic stress factors (heat, drought, frost, etc.).


Control of aquatic weeds, removal of undesirable biota and improvement of soil and water quality are the important aspects at the beginning.  Diatoms and algae have a good nutritional value and do not degrade water quality and Diatoms obviously need Silicon to grow.

By applying our products , the algae/plant population will increase resulting in a positive food chain. The water quality, growth rate of plankton and water plants are significantly improved. The product also improves the immune system as well as health status of the crustaces and fish, especially carp and tilapia.

Human health

Rexana is a food supplement for humans. In this supplement beneficial compounds are present with mutually strengthening effects. The first product was introduced in 2001 and has proven to be very effective.

The patented product contains is a highly bio-available form of silicon for strong bones, hair, skin and nails. Zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal bones, hair, skin and nails, supports function of the immune system and has a role in the process of cell division. Boron is important as well for the growth and maintenance of bone and for improving wound healing, while Vitamin B9 helps to lessen fatigue. Vitamine B9 also aupports the immune system, helps to make the body more resistant, contributes to mental resilience being beneficial for concentration and memory.