Virus is hexagonal, 20-sided symmetry, 20 nm in size. The core acid is DNA. The virus closely resembles the family Parvoviridae.


There are no typical pathological signs. Shrimp eat poorly or refuse to eat, the body turns pale, there are many clinging organisms. Causes death of broodstock when kept.


Black tiger shrimp: Penaeus monodon broodstock, when kept for a long time, are often infected with SMVD. Also infected with red crayfish – Cherax quandricarinatus. Can successfully infect some shrimp species: P. esculentus; P. merguiensis; P. japonicus; Shrimp Metapenaeus ensis; Some countries Australia, Philippines, Srilanka have reported this disease. We have not studied this disease in Vietnam.


Apply general disease prevention