Currently, Vietnam mainly exports seafood, shrimp and fish to three major markets: the EU, the US, and Japan. Therefore, to be able to export shrimp and fish to these countries, Vietnamese enterprises need to pay attention to aquaculture standards such as ASC, GlobalGAP and BAP. Therefore, in order to help businesses and aquaculture farmers to grasp this standard.

Why is an aquaculture standard certification required?

  • Currently, the certification of aquaculture standards is one of the certificates that helps to inform customers about your products in the most clear and correct way. At the same time, the certificate is also the most valuable “passport” used by businesses to export shrimp and seafood to foreign markets.
  • Besides, meeting aquaculture standards also helps to increase the value of seafood products of enterprises compared to other products on the market:
  • For the export market: Seafood products such as shrimp, when having BAP certification, will be attached with the BAP logo to distinguish and identify the same brand all over the world. This is one of the prestigious quality certifications for consumers in two major markets, the EU and the US. Therefore, if the product has this certification logo, it will have greater competitiveness. According to the survey, the price of seafood products with this logo will be 11% higher than products without the certification logo.
  • For the domestic market: Aquaculture farms with this certification will easily link and supply products directly to purchasing establishments and processing factories. With this aquaculture standard, it will help farmers easily consume products, and at the same time reduce price risks.
    Helping to prove that the enterprise’s seafood is a quality and safe consumer product.
  • This aquaculture standard certification serves as a third-party assessment, which adds credibility and transparency to the product.

The current aquaculture standards tend to develop more and more based on the diverse requirements and requirements of consumers. For consumers in the US, EU or Japan, they always have mandatory food safety requirements. More than 90% of retailers in the North American market and 75% of retailers in the EU market require seafood to meet environmental sustainability.

Prestigious, reliable aquaculture standards in the world

There are many certification standards that have been applied in aquaculture in Vietnam such as: SQF, GlobalGAP, ASC, BAP, Naturland, AquaGAP, VietGAP, etc. However, important standards are commonly applied. for aquaculture, in which the current export standards are ASC, GlobalGAP and BAP.

The common feature of these aquaculture standards is that they all focus on:

  • Ensuring food quality and safety.
  • Disease safety.
  • Environmental safety.
  • Social security.
  • Product origin can be traced.

Below is information on ASC, GlobalGAP and BAP aquaculture standards: