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Farm Management

Diseases Management

Sustainable shrimp aquaculture

  • Prebiotic
  • Bio-stimulants
  • Probiotic
  • Bacteriophage
  • Symbiotics
  • Biofilm based vaccines
  • Phyto-biotics
  • Algal extract

Anomalies Alerts

HiTech Aquaculture APP will alert the farmer when the shrimp is molting, based on FCR and shrimp weight analyses over the past period. Increasing and application of REXAQUA help the shrimp molting process and speed up the exoskeleton hardening process. And limiting the time for viral and bacterial disease attacks.

Anomalies Detection

Farmer can anonymously report shrimp disease in the HiTech Aquaculture APP and will automatedly warn surrounding farmers to sanitise incoming streams such as water (water exchange), visitors and suppliers (disinfection measurements) and more advice applicable for the disease.

When no disease anomalies anymore appear and the disease is successfully treated, it will also inform the surrounding farmers that the disease alert has been lifted for his region.


Weather condition changes may have some impact on the pond ecosystem. Clouds and temperature influence the DO (Dissolved Oxygen) level in the pond. In contrast, heavy rain affects the pH value and acidity level.

HiTech Aquaculture APP will alert the farmer about the weather forecast and advise what measurements he can take to reduce the impact of the weather in the event of such happing change.
For example, in all the above cases, extra doses of REXAQUA product are advised since REXAQUA product increases the DO, diatoms and shrimp immunity levels in the pond. Diatoms are algae that can buffer the pH and increase DO levels in the pond.

Data Analytics


Data Integration

The Data Integration feature connects the farmer’s input into sustainable certification QMS and accounting software.