REX Sano Roots is a 100% organic fertilizer (biostimulant) suited for sustainable agriculture and organic farming. REX Sano Roots contains a unique and balanced blend of fermented seaweed extracts and micronutrients.REX Sano Roots is intended for the cultivation of a wide variety of agricultural crops (like wheat, barley, rice, corn, sunflower, potato, sugar beet, sugar cane, rapeseed, and soy, flower and ornamental plants, vegetables, and greenhouse crops.


  • Improves seed germination;
  • Stimulates root development and root mass;
  • Speeds up the nutrient recycling by activating soil-microbes responsible for decomposition;
  • Improves uptake of plant available nutrients by nutrient recycling;
  • Stimulates growth, flowering and setting;
  • Increases resistance of crops to stress factors.


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