Why Foliar plant available Silicic Acid

Current commercial farming methods are a problematic form of intensive agriculture. They produce crop harvests at the expense of sustainability of the land. The practices deplete the soil of nutrients, contribute to topsoil loss, generate nutrient pollution and are the causes of many related problems. Intensive commercial agricultural practices degrade the soil through the overuse and misuse of chemicals additives and inadequate soil cultivation methods, resulting in soil deficiencies.

In addition, climatic stress factors will limit plant absorption of nutrients resulting in decreased plant growth and result in lower crop yields.

A balanced methodology using the right fertilizers for the soil and an optimal ‘diet’ of foliar nutrients is essential for optimal crop growth cycles.

Features and advantages of our REX product line:

  • Contains an unique formulation of stabilized silicic acid and micronutrients;
  • Easily absorbed and bio-available for the plant;
  • Administered as a spray or through drip irrigation systems for substrate cultures;
  • Can be mixed with other nutrients and crop protection products;
  • Increased root volume (thickness and length)
  • Enhanced productivity and quality of crop cycles;
  • Improved natural resistance of the plant against abiotic stresses (e.g. drought or heat);
  • Improved resistance against fungi, bacteria, infections and rodents;
  • Optimized water management by reducing transpiration;
  • Ecologically friendly;
  • Safe for plants, soils, farmer and the environment;
  • Cost-effective;

Plants treated with our REX product line will grow faster, healthier, fuller and bear much more fruit compared to plants with NPK’s and pesticides under parallel environmental conditions.