REX SILICOW provides essential nutrients to improve the growth especially connective tissue including bone, hooves, cartilage and overall health status. Silicon, as silicic acid, is essential for growth and skeletal development in cattle. It stimulates the production of collagen and increases the uptake of Calcium increasing the calcification process. REX SILICOW is safe and fully biodegradable. It does not leave any toxic residues at all and is not harmful to other life forms.
REX SILICOW is a multi-nutrient liquid based on bioavailable Silicic Acid and other micronutrients like Molybdenum (Mo) and Zinc (Zn). REX SiliCow is categorized as a nutritional additive. Subclassification: compounds of trace elements, based on trace minerals and silicic acid, especially developed for cattle.


  • Enhance growth;
  • Earlier production ready;
  • Prevents Thrush and Canker (hoof rot);
  • Significant strengthening of hooves.

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